Empower Access.

Elevate Security.

Empower Access.

Elevate Security.

Empower Access.

Elevate Security.

Here at Ditto, we're passionate about using advanced technology to make your life safer and simpler. We're ditching the old-fashioned keys and cards and greeting the future with a smile.

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Unlock the potential of streamlined user onboarding with Ditto. Effortlessly import users in bulk using CSV, and watch as email invitations are dispatched to new additions. As they embark on the self-onboarding journey within the Ditto App, an automated email extends a warm welcome to their newly found Ditto experience.

The journey continues as users embrace the future of secure access. With the Ditto Virtual Access Card harnessing the robust NFC protocol, you can rest assured in the knowledge that your access control is more secure than ever before. A simple tap of the card onto a Ditto Device grants instant access, making your security dependable even in the face of a network outage.


Elevate your visitor management with Ditto. Admins and authorized group members can easily invite guests via the Ditto Admin Portal or Ditto App. Simply enter the visitor's info and access dates, and we'll send a secure link via SMS. The Ditto Visitor app opens the door for guests to provide vehicle details and scan their driver's license, if required. Visitors invited as someone with a vehicle will be required to pre-register their vehicle and enter the vehicle’s registration number.

Visitors receive a unique Ditto Visitor Access Card linked to their phone, ensuring it can't be shared. These cards expire as per the host's specified duration. Guests invited via the Ditto App share the same permissions as their host, while those invited via the Admin Portal enjoy custom admin-defined access levels. With Ditto, access management is a breeze, and visitors can now simply tap their virtual access card to enter the premises, making it a hassle-free experience for all.


Ditto offers a comprehensive suite of features to redefine access control and security:

Create groups and assign access to specific areas.

Add users to groups to establish a dynamic access network.

Enhance security with anti-spoofing measures, infrared low-light cameras, and advanced detection algorithms.

Admins can initiate evacuations through the portal or other integrated channels.

Ditto monitors area occupancy, notifying users to evacuate and confirming their exit via the app.

Admins can view real-time occupancy and receive post-evacuation reports.

Ditto simplifies and enhances your access management and security.

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